Saturday, 31 October 2015

Tokai Love Rock Electric Guitars

Tokai have been making musical instruments in Japan since 1947! In the late 1970s, Tokai began  making copies of Gibson's Les Paul. They were so good that they were forced to stop using the Les Paul trade mark after lawsuits from Gibson.
Now we have the Love Rock guitars - they look a lot like Les Pauls, a lot - which are of excellent quality and have the feel and sound of earlier Gibson models. The craftsmanship is superb and the best quality materials are used throughout the guitars' construction.
Prices are also much lower than you might expect for such quality, about half the price of Amercan made guitars of equivalent quality. Tokai also have Chinese factories making excellent, lower-priced guitars. We think they are better than most other budget brands. The pickups are high output humbuckers, the neck profiles are more like the really expensive American guitars - particularly on the UES60 semi-acoustic - than that other, better-known brand.
So if you're after a top quality Les Paul-style guitar this Christmas, come and try our Tokais. Japanese models from £999 and Chinese from £359.